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11. A Jungle Field Trip (B)

Previously, Giorgio Pinto brought his high school Botany class to the planet surface from Divine Scepter. Upon their arrival, they met Tanya Sablicksen, a former student of Pinto’s.


“Class, I’d like you to meet Tanya Sablicksen, a former student of mine, and now assistant to Director Hodge. Tanya?” Continue reading “11. A Jungle Field Trip (B)”


I have come to realize that life is about change, no matter how much we try to cling to what is familiar and comfortable. That leaves me with two choices: one, hang on to the status quo that is familiar and understood; or two, embrace the roller coaster of evolution and learn to cherish the lessons and the resulting growth. If I wish to leave this earth as the best person I can be, I cannot become like the ostrich and bury my head while life goes hurtling past me. Growth demands a price, and therein lies its value! Continue reading “MY RESPONSIBILITY AS A WRITER #RRBC”

19. He’s So Slimy; I Need A Shower! #RRBC

When we last saw  Nonnie and John, they had just left The Mansion after chatting with Marie Brooklyn and Annie Pinto. It sounded like they were off to visit the Rouge strategist, Shawn O’Dell. Looks a bit dangerous to me – I hope John cooked up a good cover story. Let’s find out. Continue reading “19. He’s So Slimy; I Need A Shower! #RRBC”

10. A Jungle Field Trip (A)

Director Jethro Hodge reported that after two months of intensive work, the power, water (treatment and sewage), and transportation infrastructure is in place in the priority industrial sector of Genesis City. The work was interrupted for three days as a company of Navy marines scoured the nearby jungle for any sign of the black creatures. Intense scans from UNS Divine Scepter of the entire planetary surface, including the oceans, was carried out as well. Nothing was found, so ArcGeneral Hastings gave Hodge the green light to continue work on the site, and ordered half the marines there to remain and patrol the adjacent jungle. Continue reading “10. A Jungle Field Trip (A)”

#18. “…My Kind of Girls!” #RRBC

In the previous episode, Nonnie and John visited the Campus Café on the University of Genesis city campus – near the home of Vice President Marco Rossini. Nonnie had a revealing chat with Marco’s lead security agent, Captain Ted Gallo. After their visit with him, John whisked both of them off to a surprise destination. Continue reading “#18. “…My Kind of Girls!” #RRBC”

9. Discover UNS Divine Scepter

Any way one looks at this starship, it was a technological marvel. It was built over a fifteen-year period by the Untied Nations Space Agency (UNSA) in their Lunar Yard facility and completed late in 2084. Divine Scepter, originally intended as a long-range exploration ship, had design features that made it possible to expand the ship’s size from parts manufactured aboard. Continue reading “9. Discover UNS Divine Scepter”


“I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”

~ Bill Gates

Bill Gates (1955 – ) is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Microsoft in 1975. The company took off and became the world’s largest personal computer software company, netting him a tidy personal fortune. The overwhelming majority of computer users throughout the world are using or have used software applications created by Microsoft. A significant number of his software engineers and writers were recruited, by Gates himself, from my Alma Mater, the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Continue reading “COMPUTERS – WHO NEEDS ‘EM? #RRBC”

17. Loneliness & Agent Ted Gallo #RRBC

In our last episode, we witnessed a meeting between Nonnie, John and Andra Ursla, Earther Ambassador to Genesis. Nonnie expressed an interest in learning more about what makes Marco Rossini tick, so she thought a chat with his lead security agent might enlighten her further. Continue reading “17. Loneliness & Agent Ted Gallo #RRBC”

8. Earth 2086: The Genesis Mission – Origins

A unique and colossal starship was commissioned by the UNSA (United Nations Space Agency) in January of 2061. The Agency created ten years earlier out of the remnants of several failed space agencies throughout planet Earth, believed it was time to build a vessel capable of deep space exploration and colonization. Their ultimate goal was to mount a colonizing mission to a planet, newly discovered by an unmanned probe. Scientists called the planet, Genesis. The bankrupted predecessors of the UNSA had abandoned the building of space stations and, for the past decade, the Agency had worked to create a shipbuilding yard on the Moon. Designed to build large and small craft simultaneously, Earth was on the precipice of the dawn of an Earth Navy in space. Continue reading “8. Earth 2086: The Genesis Mission – Origins”


“You either get bitter or you get better. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you.”

~ Josh Shipp

Josh Shipp (1982 – present) is an American youth advocate, public speaker, best-selling author, and is often called The Teen Whisperer. He has dedicated his life to helping teens develop vital life skills and chase their dreams. Continue reading “BITTER OR BETTER? #RRBC”