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Universal Basic Income-Let’s Have a Conversation-Part two

This is an excellent post outlining the pros and cons of a Universal Basic Income program. Perhaps after fighting this pandemic, we are ready to put a well-crafted policy in place!

On The Fence Voters

It was nice to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admit in an interview yesterday that it might be time to start looking into a minimum basic salary for the American people. Her weighing in at this time tells us we might be ready for a real debate.

I began a discussion last week into what Universal Basic Income (UBI) is and what it could look like in the United States. Again, while there are many variations of such a plan, for the sake of our discussion here, I’d like to stick with the Andrew Yang version, which purports to give every American citizen a $1,000 per month stipend beginning at age 18, regardless of income.

Would such a plan work in America? It depends. UBI would represent a fundamental reshaping of how we deal with income inequality and the social welfare state. It would be a radical shift, and the…

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Welcome to Day 4 of the “REFLECTIONS” Blog Tour! @JohnJFioravanti @4WillsPub #RRBC #RWISA #Inspiration #Giveaways

Nonnie Jules, President of Rave Reviews Book Club hosts my REFLECTIONS Tour on her lovely site, Books by Nonnie. Please visit and check out her great books while you’re there!

Books By Nonnie

Hello!  Welcome to Books By Nonnie!  I haven’t extended an invite to you, my dear friends, in quite some time, but it’s a new year and every new year ushers in better habits.  I will be inviting more of my friends to share content here as well as infusing my own bit of writing for all to take in.

Today, I’m welcoming my dear friend and Author, John Fioravanti!  John is on tour with his book,REFLECTIONSWhen he asked me if I would write the foreword to this book, I was honored, and it was if the words were just waiting to flow from my pen.  Writing the foreword to this amazing work of art was easy.   It was easy because there is no chore in spreading the word about great written works.  Today, John wishes to share that foreword with all of you.

Before I…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Kleenex Is Included

My thanks to Jill Dennison for these much-needed heartwarming stories of people trying to help others during this pandemic crisis.

Filosofa's Word

If it’s Wednesday morning, then it must be time for us to go forth and find some … good people!  Guess what?  I found some!  Surprised, aren’t you? 😉  I’m even providing the tissues this week, in case you’ve run out and found the shelves bare at the market.

box of tissues

And with that Dailey newspaper you get …

Greg Dailey delivers newspapers to homes in the central New Jersey township of Cranbury, but last week he did much more than toss rolled up newspapers.  Many of the people on his paper route are seniors, and after one such woman asked him to start placing the newspaper against her garage, for she was afraid to walk down the driveway to retrieve it, Greg got an idea.  The next day, he placed a note in all 725 newspapers he delivered …

My name is Greg Dailey and I deliver your newspaper every morning…

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