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I have come to realize that life is about change, no matter how much we try to cling to what is familiar and comfortable. That leaves me with two choices: one, hang on to the status quo that is familiar and understood; or two, embrace the roller coaster of evolution and learn to cherish the lessons and the resulting growth. If I wish to leave this earth as the best person I can be, I cannot become like the ostrich and bury my head while life goes hurtling past me. Growth demands a price, and therein lies its value! Continue reading “MY RESPONSIBILITY AS A WRITER #RRBC”

Just Get Up And Go To Work!!

Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.

~ Stephen King

King, a contemporary of mine, was born and raised in Maine in 1947, and is an acclaimed American author of horror, fantasy, science fiction, as well as supernatural fiction and suspense. He began his writing career in high school with short stories that he actually sold to his friends for profit! Too often, I lament, along with many of my fellow Indie authors, about the difficulty of marketing our books. It seems that young Stephen King had that all figured out – even before the advent of the Internet and social media! Continue reading “Just Get Up And Go To Work!!”