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17. “ArcGeneral, This Is Blasphemy!”

In our last episode, ArcGeneral Thomas Hastings, his XO Helena Romano, and Marine Commandant Gerald Kingsley decided upon a plan to defuse a possible military coup led by the Navy Marine Corps. Phase one was to transport the entire Corps to the planet surface for hastily scheduled training exercises – thus separating these enraged soldiers from the hated Crusader army. Phase two involved Hastings persuading the High Chancellor and his top Crusader general, Shappa Durant, to punish the Crusaders who perpetrated injustice and sexual violence upon a Marine and two civilian relatives of another Marine – unjustly executed. Continue reading “17. “ArcGeneral, This Is Blasphemy!””

10. A Jungle Field Trip (A)

Director Jethro Hodge reported that after two months of intensive work, the power, water (treatment and sewage), and transportation infrastructure is in place in the priority industrial sector of Genesis City. The work was interrupted for three days as a company of Navy marines scoured the nearby jungle for any sign of the black creatures. Intense scans from UNS Divine Scepter of the entire planetary surface, including the oceans, was carried out as well. Nothing was found, so ArcGeneral Hastings gave Hodge the green light to continue work on the site, and ordered half the marines there to remain and patrol the adjacent jungle. Continue reading “10. A Jungle Field Trip (A)”

4. Musings of High Chancellor Jerome Hayes

This is a day truly blessed by the Gods above – for we have fulfilled the prophecy and arrived safely at our new home – Genesis! Now we can begin the sacred tasks we were born to accomplish. I feel the staggering weight of the responsibilities the Gods have assigned to me as their Vicar. Continue reading “4. Musings of High Chancellor Jerome Hayes”