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6. Giant Creatures On Genesis

Within a month of the arrival of ENS Divine Scepter at planet Genesis in 2181 CE, the third generation of human survivors from Earth are building the new capital city. ArcGeneral Thomas Hastings has persuaded High Chancellor Hayes to appoint Jethro Hodge as Director of Building Operations. Hodge and his teams of architects and engineers have toiled over plans created by a previous generation of experts for the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors of the capital. Since the surveys of the actual site are complete, they now have finalized the plans. Continue reading “6. Giant Creatures On Genesis”

TRIBUTE TO MOM – by Anne Fioravanti

Now we are coming up to our 43rd wedding anniversary and what would have been your 67th wedding anniversary. Yes that day is very special indeed.

I recall having lunch at Bauers Kitchener with our appletinis discussing our upcoming 40th anniversary and celebration . We were discussing what we were wearing and all the details. It was that night that you were taken by ambulance to the hospital with your pain, and the news afterward. You passed away June 30th. Continue reading “TRIBUTE TO MOM – by Anne Fioravanti”

15. Let’s Visit Genesis One #RRBC

Several months ago, renowned interviewer and author, Nonnie Jules, accompanied author, John Fioravanti to planet Genesis seven centuries into the future. Dr. John, as he’s called on Genesis, possesses unusual teleportation powers, which he uses to travel through time and space. He can travel with another person just by laying his hand upon them.

Now, John has returned to Nonnie’s office at 4 Wills Publishing to propose another journey. John is gazing about the room, taking in the redecoration that has taken place since his last visit, while Nonnie observes him thoughtfully over her steaming cup of coffee. Continue reading “15. Let’s Visit Genesis One #RRBC”

14. Sneak Peek… Back to Genesis! #RRBC

Nonnie Jules is the founder and President of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, as well as interviewer of RRBC authors in the famed, “Who’s On The Shelf With Nonnie?” interviews. Her interviewing skills are legendary and she decided to accompany Author, John Fioravanti, through space and time to another galaxy 700 years into the future. Nonnie’s goal is to meet the key personalities on planet Genesis featured in Fioravanti’s series, The Genesis Saga, and utilise her formidable skills to find out something more about these characters. This scene is the fourteenth and final episode interviewing the characters from Passion & Struggle.

In the last episode, Nonnie and John disappeared from Marco Rossini’s home where invisible to Rossini and Brooklynn, they witnessed part of the couple’s first date. They have reappeared on Earth, in Nonnie’s office. Continue reading “14. Sneak Peek… Back to Genesis! #RRBC”


“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

~ Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) was born into slavery in Maryland. After his escape, he became a social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer and statesman. Douglass was committed to the cause of equality for all peoples, no matter their race or gender. He believed in the liberal values of the American Constitution and was said to have made a career of disturbing the American conscience. Continue reading “IF YOU DON’T FEEL SAFE… #RRBC”

1. Genesis 2181 CE: UNS Divine Scepter Arrives

Attempting to save humanity from total annihilation by the self-aware ‘Omega Virus’, the United Nations Security Council organized and launched a giant colonizer ship, dubbed ‘United Nations Ship Divine Scepter’, in 2086 CE, with just under a million souls aboard. The Scepter arrived at its destination, the planet Genesis, in 2181 CE. The leaders of this divided community are the grandchildren of the original survivors that left Earth almost a century before. Continue reading “1. Genesis 2181 CE: UNS Divine Scepter Arrives”

2. How Dare He…?

“High Chancellor, if it may please the Gods and this Council, our scout ships and landing parties have returned from the surface with geological surveys, atmospheric reports, descriptions of lifeforms…”

“Where,” interrupted High Chancellor Hayes in his most irritating screech, “is ArcGeneral Hastings? Why isn’t he here to deliver this report in person? This is an affront to the Gods! How dare he send his female underling to report to this Holy Council!” Continue reading “2. How Dare He…?”