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17. “ArcGeneral, This Is Blasphemy!”

In our last episode, ArcGeneral Thomas Hastings, his XO Helena Romano, and Marine Commandant Gerald Kingsley decided upon a plan to defuse a possible military coup led by the Navy Marine Corps. Phase one was to transport the entire Corps to the planet surface for hastily scheduled training exercises – thus separating these enraged soldiers from the hated Crusader army. Phase two involved Hastings persuading the High Chancellor and his top Crusader general, Shappa Durant, to punish the Crusaders who perpetrated injustice and sexual violence upon a Marine and two civilian relatives of another Marine – unjustly executed. Continue reading “17. “ArcGeneral, This Is Blasphemy!””

16. Can Disaster Be Averted?

Previously, Marine Commandant Gerald Kingsley was on his way to meet with ArcGeneral Hastings in the hope of averting bloodshed between his Marines and the Crusader Army. Feelings were running high among the Marines and many among the civilian Naval or technical class after the execution of a Marine sergeant, the whipping of his brother, the sexual violation of his sisters and a marine private – all at the hands of Crusaders. Kingsley feared total disaster – a full-blown civil war between the two social classes aboard Scepter and on the planet surface.

(Office of ArcGeneral Hastings – Kingsley, Hastings, and Romano in attendance. We join the meeting in progress. Kingsley has finished his briefing about the unrest among many Marines due to Crusader abuses.) Continue reading “16. Can Disaster Be Averted?”

2. How Dare He…?

“High Chancellor, if it may please the Gods and this Council, our scout ships and landing parties have returned from the surface with geological surveys, atmospheric reports, descriptions of lifeforms…”

“Where,” interrupted High Chancellor Hayes in his most irritating screech, “is ArcGeneral Hastings? Why isn’t he here to deliver this report in person? This is an affront to the Gods! How dare he send his female underling to report to this Holy Council!” Continue reading “2. How Dare He…?”