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25. Romano: In Love?

It had been just one week since the conclusion of the most sensational trial in the experience of the UNS Divine Scepter survivors. Several Crusader henchmen, followers of the corrupt and murdered Shaspa Hendricks, were found guilty by a Tribunal of four of the most influential leaders in this nomadic human society. They had perpetrated physical and sexual abuse against Marine personnel as well as those victims’ family members. Given sentences of life imprisonment, they were incarcerated in the ship’s brig awaiting transfer to a prison to be built on the planet below.

ArcLieutenant-General Helena Romano was visiting the home of her CO Thomas Hastings. On this day, Helena was fulfilling a promise to help Hastings’ daughter, Alexis, with her preparations for the entrance exams she faces in a few weeks. Alexis has decided on a Navy career and has applied to the Navy Academy for Officer Training. The entrance requirements are quite demanding, but the seventeen-year-old Alexis remains undaunted and committed. Continue reading “25. Romano: In Love?”