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Good People Doing Good Things — Dr. Daniel Ivankovich

Dr. Daniel Ivankovich is a Chicago surgeon and hero who works tirelessly to bring quality medical care to the uninsured and the poor – not only in Chicago but also in Haiti! Thanks to Jill Dennison who brightened my day today with this inspirational story. Please share!

Filosofa's Word

Every Wednesday, I go in search of good people who are giving of themselves to others.  They are not hard to find, but so often go unnoticed because they are busy taking care of business and do not have time to toot their own horns as others may do.

It seems that we only hear about the bad things in Chicago:  the crime, drugs, gangs and violence.  But there are some really good people doing their best to help people survive and thrive.  Meet Dr. Daniel Ivankovich.

IvankovichIn 2010 after seeing so many in the Chicago area who were left without the ability to pay for medical care turned away, Dr. Ivankovich decided it was time to do something positive.  He and his wife, Karla, started the nonprofit OnePatient Global Health Initiative, a non-profit “designed to establish sustainable programs of outreach, prevention and patient education at multiple locations throughout…

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