“Glimpses Across the Barricades.” Poetry in progress: “Masks”

Suzanne Burke has brought me to tears once more with these verses that commemorate a beautiful lost soul we met in Suzanne’s books “Empty Chairs” and “Faint Echoes of Laughter”. Please, read on…

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

Welcome again to “Glimpses Across the Barricades” my poetry in progress.

Today I share with you a brief glimpse of my dear friend, Jenny. I met her on the streets when she was barely eight-years-old.  I was eleven. She took her own life several years ago. The world is a darker place now that her sweet soul no longer lights it.

Masks for poetry



Suzanne Burke.


Eight-year-old eyes

Devoid of hope

For the innocence was gone.


Eight-year-old ears

That only heard

Violent words, of crushing fear.


Eight-year-old soul

That barely whispered

Before it was taken away.


Eight-year-old heart

With no joyous beat

A heart that stopped too soon.


And the masks that we wear

Cause others despair

As they search to find something long gone.


Masks of laughter bent and twisted.

 Faces shielding the dark within.

The weapons we are wielding

Peirce far beneath the…

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