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Hey! What’s Your Legacy?

“Use your life to create a legacy that after you’re gone, will be remembered, talked about, and of great benefit to others until the very last on this earth are no more.”

~ Nonnie Jules

Nonnie Jules is a self-published author of several books, each of which, are great reads. In addition, she is the founder and President of the international literary community Rave Reviews Book Clubwhich offers authors and readers an opportunity to share their passion for good writing and story-telling. In addition, she offers author services such as blog tours to promote authors’ books and absolutely terrific book trailers. If that wasn’t enough, Jules has a husband and two daughters to care for. I feel blessed to have Nonnie Jules as a close friend and colleague. I found this quote on her blog site “BOOKS BY NONNIE”, along with many other pearls of wisdom under “Quotes By Nonnie”. Continue reading “Hey! What’s Your Legacy?”

Grow Up And Get Wise!

“So you made a mistake in your past?  Who among us, was never young and stupid at one time or another?  So, you have a few skeletons in your closet…who doesn’t?  I don’t know anyone whose closet is that clean.  Your past does not define who you are now.  It is what you do, and how you live going forward that will ultimately define you and leave a lasting impression on those around you.   When you grow from your mistakes, you have gained that cardinal virtue called wisdom.”

~ Nonnie Jules

Nonnie Jules, founder and President of Rave Reviews Book Club, is a visionary, a creative administrator, is fiercely competitive, and a gifted writer. Besides writing poetry, novels, non-fiction, and her blogs, Nonnie also showcases a collection of original quotes on her website Books By Nonnie , and it is here that I found this quote. I find most of her quotes thought provoking, so I visit her site regularly for pearls of wisdom. Because Nonnie Jules is an inspirational leader, those who know her well like to refer to her as Wonder Woman! Continue reading “Grow Up And Get Wise!”