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John’s Believe It Or Not… June 30th

In 1973 – John F. Fioravanti married Anne D. Runstedler. In 1934 “Night of Long Knives” – Hitler stages a bloody purge of the Nazi party. In 1936 Gone with the Wind published. In 1859 Daredevil crosses Niagara Falls on a tightrope. In 1971 Soviet cosmonauts perish in reentry disaster.

It’s Friday – TGIF! Did you know…

* 1973 – John F. Fioravanti married Anne D. Runstedler. (On this day, 44 years ago, John & Anne were married in Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in Waterloo, Ontario. They met at St. Jerome’s College, University of Waterloo in the fall of 1969, began dating in February 1971, and became engaged in April of 1972. They went on to raise three children, Dianna, Daniel, and Dominic.

John pursued a career in education and taught high school history for 35 years. In 2002 he became a published author with the educational title Getting It Right In History Class. In 2007, Iceberg Publishing published John’s inspirational memoir A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching. John retired from teaching in 2008 and began his second career as an author of non-fiction inspirational books and futuristic dramatic novels.

Anne began a 39-year career in the insurance industry with Economical Mutual in 1972 upon her graduation. She held positions of responsibility in accounting, underwriting, and as a business analyst in their Information Technology department. As well, she became an instructor with the Insurance Institute of Ontario, teaching several different insurance professional courses. After retiring for a few years, Anne accepted a contract position with the Accessibility Department at the University of Waterloo, directing the implementation of a new software application used by students, professors, and Accessibility staff.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… June 30th”