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The Right Is Targeting Parkland HS Mass Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez, As Enemy #1

How low will the supporters of the Right in the U.S.A. stoop? Gronda Morin shows us how the Right has begun character assassinations against the Parkland teen leaders of the gun control initiative.

Gronda Morin

Over the years, the far right conservative republicans have developed a cottage industry of orchestrating hate campaigns of leaders on the left that they fear. The level of hate, “fake news,” marketing dissemination engendered on the right against Democratic leaders like our former US President Barack Obama are legendary. Their marketing endeavors have been incredibly effective as demonstrated by the following example where even when absolute proof was proffered, the lie is still believed by a vast majority of republicans.

As per a 8/10/2016 NBC report, “Seventy-two percent of registered Republican voters still doubt President Obama’s citizenship, according to a recent NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll conducted in late June and early July of more than 1,700 registered voters. And this skepticism even exists among Republicans high in political knowledge.”

There are numerous fact checking web-sites like which have made business over the years of verifying many of of the right’s…

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