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18. Ultimatum: It Must Stop… NOW!

In our last episode, ArcGeneral Hastings had delivered a firm ultimatum to High Chancellor Hayes and the CO of the Crusader Army, Shappa Durant. Hastings pleaded with them to punish the Crusaders who assisted Shaspa Hendricks in the unlawful execution of one Marine, the torture and rape of that man’s siblings, and the coercion and violation of a female Marine. If they refused, an all-out war between the Crusader army and the Marine Corps could ensue.

[We join the conversation between Hayes and Durant after Hastings left their presence.] Continue reading “18. Ultimatum: It Must Stop… NOW!”

16. Can Disaster Be Averted?

Previously, Marine Commandant Gerald Kingsley was on his way to meet with ArcGeneral Hastings in the hope of averting bloodshed between his Marines and the Crusader Army. Feelings were running high among the Marines and many among the civilian Naval or technical class after the execution of a Marine sergeant, the whipping of his brother, the sexual violation of his sisters and a marine private – all at the hands of Crusaders. Kingsley feared total disaster – a full-blown civil war between the two social classes aboard Scepter and on the planet surface.

(Office of ArcGeneral Hastings – Kingsley, Hastings, and Romano in attendance. We join the meeting in progress. Kingsley has finished his briefing about the unrest among many Marines due to Crusader abuses.) Continue reading “16. Can Disaster Be Averted?”

14. “There’s Trouble Afoot, Sir!”

It has been two months since the survivors from Earth arrived at planet Genesis. The ruler of this divided society, High Chancellor Jerome Hayes, has been in office for less than a year. He is aware that the Naval class, oppressed and tormented for almost a century by the faithful class or Churcher class, are resentful and likely to rebel if given the opportunity. The cleric feels pressured by the need to appear strong and unyielding in the eyes of the Chancellery Council and the faithful. Hayes knows that the well-armed Crusader army and its superior numbers are an effective deterrent to rebellious members of the Navy and Navy Marine Corps. That said, the longer the survivors from Earth remain aboard the ship, UNS Divine Scepter, the more explosive relations between Churchers and Naval class can become.

On this day, Marine Colonel Roberto Gallo is meeting privately with Navy Marine Corps Commandant Gerald Kingsley, about an urgent problem among some Marines that is spreading. Continue reading “14. “There’s Trouble Afoot, Sir!””