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John’s Believe It Or Not… June 8th

In 1944 – D-DAY + 2 – About 156 Canadian POWs murdered. In 1968 King assassination suspect arrested. In 1967 Israel attacks USS Liberty. In 1999 Hannibal by Thomas Harris hits bookstores. In 632 Founder of Islam dies.

It’s Therapeutic Thursday! Did you know…

* 1944 – D-DAY + 2 – About 156 Canadian POWs murdered by 12th SS Hitler Youth Panzers. (Canadians move inland from Juno Beach, capture 12 towns in Normandy; Erwin Rommel orders Kurt Meyer’s 12th SS Hitlerjugend Panzer Grenadiers to attack the Canadian 7th Brigade at Putot-en-Basin (8 km west of Caen). They cross the railway and outflank the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, destroying the three forward companies; the rest are beaten back, leaving their wounded behind; the Canadian Scottish, Canscots and 1st Hussars then use an artillery barrage from the 12th and 13th field regiments to retake Putot, but Meyer counter-attacks with 22 Panther tanks; the Regina Rifles fight a night-long battle and hold. During these fights, the SS murder several Canadian POWs, including six Winnipeg Rifles, and a Red Cross stretcher-bearer, who are ordered into a wood and shot in the temple; 13 more Canadians are executed within 100 yards of the Command post; the bodies of 7 more are found nearby, all shot in the head with small arms; finally, 40 Winnipegs and Cameron Highlanders are marched into a field, ordered to sit together with the wounded at their centre, and machine-gunned; 5 escape.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… June 8th”