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John’s Believe It Or Not… May 28th

* 1934 – Birth of Dionne Quintuplets * 1937 Volkswagen is founded * 1987 Matthias Rust lands his plane in Red Square * 1983 Irene Cara has a #1 pop hit with the Flashdance theme * 2014 Author Maya Angelou dies

It’s Monday! Did You Know…

* 1934 – Birth of Dionne Quintuplets: Annette, Cecile, Emilie, Marie and Yvonne.

Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile and Marie aroused worldwide attention after their birth at Corbeil, Ontario, to Oliva and Elzire Dionne on 28 May 1934. With only two previous cases on record, they were the only quintuplets to survive for more than a few days. This miracle, plus their baby cuteness, the poverty of their French Canadian parents, and the controversy over their guardianship, made them the sensation of the 1930s. Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… May 28th”