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John’s Believe It Or Not… June 3rd

In 1935 – On to Ottawa Trek begins. In 1989 Crackdown at Tiananmen begins. In 1965 An American walks in space. In 1956 Rock and roll is banned in Santa Cruz. In 1937 Josh Gibson hits ball 580 feet in Yankee Stadium.

It’s Saturday Again! Did you know…

* June 3, 1935 – On to Ottawa Trek.   (In 1935, about 1,500 residents of federal Unemployment Relief Camps in British Columbia went on strike and traveled by train and truck to Vancouver, Regina, and Ottawa to protest poor conditions in the Depression-era camps. The strike leaders were eventually arrested, resulting in the violent Regina Riot. In early April 1935, during the Great Depression, a strike and protest by Unemployment Relief Camp workers was organized by the Workers’ Unity League (WUL) and led by WUL officer Arthur “Slim” Evans. The League was affiliated with the international Communist movement. The protest was motivated by concern for improved conditions and benefits in the camps, and the apparent reluctance of the federal government to provide work and wages programs. In Vancouver, the strikers organized themselves into divisions, undertook alliances with civic, labor, ethnic and political groups, held demonstrations, and spoke with government officials, among them British Columbia premier Dufferin T. Pattullo and Mayor Gerald McGeer. The two-month protest included the occupation of the Hudson’s Bay store and the city museum and library and a May Day parade of some 20,000 strikers and supporters to Stanley Park. When local governments refused to take responsibility for the strikers’ welfare, and when the men themselves began to grow restless at the apparent failure of their protest, Evans and his associates decided to take the movement to Ottawa. On 3 June, more than 1,000 strikers began the “On to Ottawa Trek,” determined to inform the nation of their cause and to lay complaints before Parliament and Prime Minister R.B. Bennett.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… June 3rd”