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Does History Repeat Itself?

Why do we study history? History is an interpretive study. The human adventure of the past created the present. Voters get the government they deserve. History does repeat itself and that is sad.

In the previous post in this series Let’s Talk ‘Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?’ I asked why, in the year 2017, do we still have unresolved gender issues. Why do women feel the need to band together to acquire that which is their due? Today, thanks to a post by JoAnn Chateau entitled ‘Ancient Greeks: Pythagoras on Repeating Patterns’, I am inspired to ponder the question of whether or not we learn from history. Continue reading “Does History Repeat Itself?”

Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?

In two previous posts in this series Let’s Talk! I shared my concerns about shared issues that impact humanity all over the world. In Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It? I briefly discussed some pros and cons and concluded that nationalism no longer serves humanity. I put forward a suggestion in Global Rule: Is It Feasible? that a world government may well allow people worldwide to tackle our common problems more efficiently. Today, I’m highlighting the issue of gender equity that has plagued us throughout our history.

I was born in 1951 to a strong, intelligent woman. As well, I’m an older brother to another, husband to another, father to a daughter who is CEO of the Canadian operations of an international insurance broker, and I’m a grandfather to yet another self-assertive and intelligent female. All of my female friends are talented with strong personalities. With that introduction, the words that follow should come as no surprise. Continue reading “Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?”

Global Rule: Is It Feasible?

In last week’s instalment of “Let’s Talk!” entitled “Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It?”, I explored the concept of national pride and briefly pointed out some of the positive and adverse effects of nationalism. In my view, nationalism has been a disservice to the world in that it has thrown up roadblocks that have prevented substantive steps being taken that can halt the process of global warming and the catastrophic results of unchecked environmental damage. As well, human suffering in many parts of the world caused by wars of aggression, civil wars and other forms of human conflict needs to be addressed and alleviated. Unfortunately, political agendas at the UN and within national governments have militated against effective solutions. I also promised to put forward some suggestions for a course of action we might work toward. As I write these words, I realise that time is of the essence. Continue reading “Global Rule: Is It Feasible?”

Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It?

If you look at the history of nationalism down through the centuries, it is clear that this feeling of national pride has contributed some positive things to nations and to the world at large. Pride in our shared national culture and heritage is fostered by nationalism and that, in turn, builds feelings of collective identity and unity. One such example is the excitement and joy shared with our countrymen as our Olympic athletes achieve distinction in that world forum. That pride can result in greater financial support for the necessary training programs to bring our best athletes to this international competition. These accomplishments reinforce our feelings of national pride and unity. Continue reading “Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It?”