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Fiora Books founders John & Anne Fioravanti

We are a small family-run publishing business located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Our founders are John & Anne Fioravanti who began operations formally in December 2013, ostensibly to publish books written by John Fioravanti.

Since that time, Fiora Books has published two non-fiction books and two novels in the post-apocalyptic series called The Genesis Saga. More details about these books can be found under My Books in the main menu.


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I am an RRBC Recruitment Affiliate so please be sure to list my name on your application. Please invite all your friends to join, as well, and ask that they also list my name as their referring source, unless of course, you decide to also become a RECRUITMENT AFFILIATE after you join, which would be simply awesome!   ~  Thanks in advance!

14 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Mr. Fiorivanti (I still can’t call you by your first name). I was one of your many students at St Benedict’s. I’m glad you’re seeing success beyond the classroom. I can say with confidence, you and your bother Peter were the two most influential (and favorite) teachers in my life. I credit my parents and the two of you with teaching me how to be a good person. I’ll have to track down a copy of “…Heart of Teaching”. I hope you are well and please give Peter my best if you can.

    Joe Pandeirada

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    1. Hi, Joe! I remember you!! Thanks for the kind words – I’ll be sure to pass them along to Peter. Where did he teach you? I hope you are doing well. You were a good person when I had the honour of teaching you. Be well and be safe! John. My books are available on Amazon.


  2. Hi John

    I will follow you here… What a small world it is…

    I arrive in Kitchener on June 16th (from UK) …for a long overdue reunion with all my sisters. I am so looking forward to the trip after 16 years away (as it will have been).

    Many good wishes for your publishing.


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  3. Great idea John – I’m doing the same with my Ron Forsythe Science Fiction book site! It’ll be up and running soon and home to all my best Sci-fi books.


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