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Dewin Nefol gifts us with a delightful narrative poem that is rich in imagery and rhyme. This is a treat to savor! Please, read on…

~ The Wizard of Wands ~ Jake’s Journal ~

~ Vixen ~ By ~ Jake Sweeny ~


Beneath a thick lick of balmy soup

I am reflecting in a moonbeam.

As I lie I try recalling lost lines,

Spoken earlier before this dream…


“So far solar to go,” I said,

“She never ceases her glide.”

“Upon great wings she flies in crystal skies

always travelling so far and wide.”


“An elevated flight,” added Master Scribe,

“One always flying into the Sun.”

“Only Eagles dare stare at Heaven’s flare,

without ever being undone.”


Selene presses her gaze infuses her haze,

Entices me into her trance.

And here I stay with my eyes all glazed,

My mind enchanted by romance.


When by my side a dark shadow I spied,

a flick of slick suddenly dive and dart.

Still lost in a dream I follow the gleam

with a rising pulse…

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Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December 2013 and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (, to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

17 thoughts on “VIXEN”

    1. I think so too, Jennie. I’ve been encouraging him to self publish his work. He does all the artwork on his site as well. Thanks for your comment, Jennie.

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  1. Hey John,

    As ever as generous with your Blog space as you are your comments and kindness, thank you my friend. I appreciate all three aspects 🙂

    Jake let slip in conversation there is a second-part to this poem to follow shortly. I hope you will also enjoy reading that with equal enjoyment.

    I trust your evening will please. Take care of one and all in all ways for always and for always in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂


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      1. Thank you John, your enthusiasm is infectious! 🙂 Episode two is not far from done, just the i’s to dot and the t’s to cross and the graphic to fashion, although I’ve an idea for that slowly forming already. Happy days 🙂

        Thank you for asking all is well here in soggy Wales. I finished work early today so I am happily back home with an afternoon all to myself. Perfect.

        Have a happy day my friend.



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        1. I envy your artistic talents, Dewin! We’re having a cooler and wetter summer than last year, so I’m glad for that. Happy day to you too!

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          1. Hey John,

            Again you are to kind sir, thank you! 🙂

            Regards the art, I struggle with image making far more than I do with writing but derive pleasure from both. My artwork is really nothing more than piecing photographs together in an edit package to create a composite image, a collage of sorts. It is a jigsaw of parts.

            You sound a man for all seasons John as long as it’s not to hot 🙂 A wetter summer will of course save you from watering the garden and lawn quite so often and give you more time to write outdoors on the laptop, which is the perfect way to spend retirement 🙂

            Indeed good sir, “happy days and plenty of them!” 🙂

            Namaste 🙂



            1. I understand that the artwork takes a lot of time, but it looks great! I would use that talent to design the covers for my books. So when you start publishing your work, that’s one publishing expense you need not worry about.

              I hate the heat because it is always accompanied by high humidity. I love a dry heat! So I prefer temperatures between 25 and 28 C. You’re absolutely right about the lawn watering!

              I just got my first laptop in April and I love it. Yes, I enjoy the days when I can go outside on the back deck and work under the large table umbrella. I don’t like sitting in the direct sun – it makes me nauseous.

              Enjoy today, Dewin!

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              1. Hey John,

                Like all things that flow from the heart, art is a labour of love I enjoy its challenge and the opportunity to reflect pictorially but find that process within me takes a time and the method of execution quite slow and protracted. Naturally enough, I will be considering an image for the front cover of Wizard of Wands…and may even have drafts started already…I go through many versions of an image allowing it to change as the story changes or as my mood and whim take me. On occasion the best part of image creation is actually knowing the moment to walk away from a picture, either considering it, or knowing that it will never be finished! 🙂 Wizard of Wands may well unfold to generate several books and I am therefore considerate to book covers and designs that maintain themes and a consistent identity to the work.

                We don’t get enough ‘heat’ in the UK for me to be as exacting with my weather requirements as you. I am just grateful to always have an umbrella or rain-coat with me 🙂

                You shared news of your laptop purchase with me once before and I thought then that it was a superb idea. I am very tempted myself to invest and will be given the thought some attention. My desktop P.C does confine me to the house and as such offers no flexibility for mobility. The prospect of being in situ whilst sat typing is an attractive proposition. The purchase of the laptop would then be an investment of sorts. I shall have to do a little saving and possibly forgo the purchase of a Mercury crested 1943 U.S Silver Dollar that I had my eye on as a birthday pressie to me this year…the laptop would be more practical, the dollar more symbolic and priceless to me for its innate worth. A balance is called for.

                I must away, my employer with their black eyes and coal-face awaits my very reluctant return. I wish that I was not a slave to the system, but alas society is structured to demand that 60% of my life here on god’s beautiful Earth be spent at the dictate of others. No wonder I always feel like a caged raptor.

                I trust your day will bring freedoms to cherish and opportunities to explore the limitless world of the imagination. Happy laptop typing my friend!

                Nos da, Namaste 🙂


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                1. Hi, Dewin,

                  Thanks for sharing your artwork process – I can see that it consumes much time and creative energy. I’m also thinking that as you ponder the Wizard of Wands books, that perhaps you have images already that can be used as covers – or re-worked for that purpose.

                  The only drawback to the laptop is the size of the screen – very small compared to my iMac – I have the largest screen. I can enlarge the print as necessary, so it isn’t a huge issue.

                  I didn’t know you are a coin collector! That’s something I know nothing about – but I surmise it is an expensive hobby.

                  Yes, work. At least in my retirement, I can work for myself – one blessing of ‘the golden years’ – and there are precious few blessings about those years!

                  Humid and rainy today – so I retreated to my basement office where the temperature and air quality is more civilized! I hope you had a great day!

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                  1. Hey John,

                    As a writer, you’ll know only to well yourself how many thoughts flurry through the mind when sat focussed on one thing and how difficult it is to catch them all in note form or retain the notion as an idea for later. Although I may think in images as I write, I try not to define an idea for the final piece until after writing…I don’t have mental capacity to do both at once, but wish that I did 🙂

                    I am growing more keen on the idea of a tablet, a suggestion from a friend with techie inclination at work. It is worth exploring further as an idea. The coin purchase is not because I am a collector, it merely because I wanted that specific coin featuring the bust of Mercury. UK coins have never portrayed either the head of my Astrological deity or the words ‘in god we trust.’ The year may or may not be significant (I have yet to ponder that) but it comes with the coin and that is that. I imagine numismatics is an expensive hobby unless one is a banker.

                    ‘…and there are precious few blessings about those years!’ Oh no, don’t say that I’ve been waiting my whole working life to get there lol 🙂

                    I do like the sound of having a basement office John – a quiet place of refuge from the rain and an epicentre of activity, I imagine it an open-plan space from which your probing mind expands outwards from its centre. Are you one for desk paraphernalia or more an ordered clear-desk type of a chap? Not having an office per se: my p.c shares space in my living area, which is now essentially my entire office…the two have become inseparable and the desk top extends to both floor, sideboards and cabinets. If I do invest in a Tablet, I can imagine the entire flat becoming one seamless space – more studio than either office or flat 🙂

                    The weekend is nigh and I must away to the merry old Land of Zzzz. My week has been long and arduous: the coal-face of employment a punishing demon leaving black eyes, bruised knuckles and a bitter taste in my mouth. But with two days of freedom and chance to dream I will arrive at Monday morning fresh and ready to slay the blackened beast bwahahaha! 🙂

                    Take care my friend. Have a peach of a weekend!

                    Namaste 🙂


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                    1. I am blessed with a large office in the basement – lots of papers on my desk. I straighten them out and put them away temporarily every two weeks when the cleaning ladies arrive.

                      I don’t know what tablets can do these days – mine is an old iPad 2 that sadly gave up the ghost two months ago. I was very limited in the software I could put on it. I think you can put MS Word on them now. I suppose you could use the tablet to write and the PC for graphics and Website management. One thing I like about my MacBook is that it can do everything my iMac can do – except give print commands. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

                      I’m sorry that your job causes so much anguish. Retirement is fabulous – every day is the weekend! Unfortunately, the physical aches and pains take away some of the joy. I don’t miss the classroom stresses, the marking, paperwork, and meetings – but I do miss interacting with students, telling my stories, and most of all, I miss that feeling that I’m making a difference. I hoped the writing would help me recapture that, but my sales are dreadful. Marketing and I are like oil and water.

                      Have a wonderful weekend, Dewin!

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                    2. Hey John,

                      The kettle had boiled so I stayed up for one last cup of tea 🙂

                      Your office space, independent from the main house sounds a pleasure, and you relaxed I feel just being there. It’s perfectly true: a man needs his own space amongst the herd. I was saying much the same thing to another friend just the other day. We concluded that every man needs a ‘garden-shed’, whether that is physical or metaphorical, it remains a ‘special’ place in which to simply sit and quietly just be.

                      Your appraisal of Tablets as a portable writing device is accurate. My intention would be to keep the p.c for graphics and Internet and travel light and fleet-of-foot with the Tablet. I am a bit of a technophobe and so progress slowly with technology or else I am generally bewildered by its magic lol 🙂

                      Thanks John, I am working on resolving anguish from my employment…that decisive battle comes next week – I’ll let you know the outcome when I cleaned up the mess bwahahaha! You’ve offered an elegant and balanced appreciation of retirement – I imagine it is at times a double-edged sword, but overall something to look forward to and relish – ‘Every day is the weekend!’ – that is the way to live life every night of the week – die young stay pretty being the mantra on the mirror! 🙂

                      I don’t know what advice to offer regarding the marketing of your books John. It does seem such a shame that this process is one of the hardest or most difficult to overcome. It is a phenomenally competitive market within which to promote. Of course I shall pinkies and perkies crossed hoping for further sales success. I knew a chap once who used to covertly place copies of their books onto shelves in bookshops and libraries and whilst it didn’t reap him a fortune he gained some interest out of the exercise. I find the idea quite charming, endearing even.

                      Well my friend, I think that’s my cup of tea drained for the evening. My pillow calls reminding me I have a 1.30am appointment at the Astro Café on Dream Street. Thank you for best wishes for the weekend. You too! Take care big fella.

                      Namaste 🙂


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                    3. P.S: Have you thought about becoming involved in local politics, or perhaps seeking opportunity to sit on a board of school governors etc? It may offer personal reward and chance to affect change else make a difference? Just thoughts.

                      Namaste 🙂


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