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21. Papa Jethro Continues His Story

The next day, JoJo creeps into his grandfather’s reading room only to find him fast asleep in his chair. The boy stands still in front of his beloved Papa and gazes at his peaceful face. Very carefully, Jojo climbs into his Papa’s lap only to find him wide awake and grinning.

“Did I wake you, Papa? Are you mad at me? Can I hear more of that story? Please?”

Jethro Hodge laughs heartily, “Can I answer one question before you ask another?” The boy nods and settles himself on his Papa’s lap then looks expectantly at his grandfather. “Alright.” Hodge began. “I’m not angry with you, JoJo and I’m happy to continue the story. Where did I leave off?”

Joachim scrunches up his face in thought. “Um, people were fighting about their Gods and made their enemies sick… I think.”

“Good lad! The sickness was a new disease, called a virus. The virus could think for itself!”

“Was it a person, like us, Papa?”

“No, but he thought like a person. He decided he was going to kill all the people on Earth. They began to call him Omega…”

“How come, Papa? I never heard of a Mega before.”

“Omega in the Greek language means ‘the end,’ JoJo. Omega had decided to put an end to all the people on Earth.” Jethro pauses; sees that JoJo is attentive, so he continues. “The scientists who created Omega tried to find a cure – a way to stop the death. They failed. As people all over the world continued to get sick, everyone looked to the United Nations for a solution.”

“What’s the Nitednations, Papa?”

“It was a group of people from every country in the world. It was their job to help solve people’s problems.”

“So they were nice people?”

“Yes, they were, JoJo. They decided to try to save as many people from every country in the world as would fit in our spaceship.”

“You mean Divine Semper, Papa?”

Jethro smiles and ruffles the boy’s hair. “That’s the one, lad! They flew about a million people to the Space Agency Base on the Earth’s moon, and boarded them on the ship…”

“Wow! A million people, Papa?” JoJo searches his grandfather’s face as he thinks about it. “Is that a lot… like a hundred?”

“It’s a lot more than a hundred. Then the people got on the spaceship, and it left on a long journey through space to find Genesis.”

“That’s where you work, right Papa?”

Jethro laughs and ruffles JoJo’s hair once more. “That’s right, my boy! We are building a city where we can go to live one day.”

Joachim looks troubled, and his lower lip begins to tremble. “Papa, what about our house? Can I bring my toys and Rex?”

“Of course you can bring your dog and your toys! It will take a while, but we’ll build everyone new homes to live in.”

“What about Semper, Papa? Can we bring that too?

Jethro Hodge smiles and hugs the little boy tightly to his chest. Good question, Joachim, he muses.


Stay tuned for the final installment of this story!

Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December 2013 and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (, to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

13 thoughts on “21. Papa Jethro Continues His Story”

    1. Thanks for finding my story, Jo Nell! I never thought of this story in quite that way, but you are exactly right! Golly! I should have named ArcGeneral Thomas Hastings, “Noah”! Hmmm… when I create a series of novels from these stories, I could change the name then! Thanks for the idea!


    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying these prequels, Jan. One day I’ll dedicate a new series in this time period. In the meantime, I’m having fun exploring new characters and the fleshing out of the Genesis story from the very beginning. Thanks for your continued support!


    1. Thanks, Yvette, I thoroughly enjoy exploring the personal side of some of these characters whose main role is a leader with substantial professional responsibilities. I’m happy you’re enjoying these stories and I’m grateful for your continuing support!


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