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Choosing Takes Guts!

” Sometimes in life you come to that fork in the road which makes you feel as if you know not which way to go. In that moment, you have a choice, yes, a choice, a luxury many are never afforded. Because of that choice, you can decide to either go left or go right, in the full knowledge that whatever direction you choose, you will make the best of it, you will embrace it, you will welcome it, and if need be, through your sheer will and determination, you will change the course of that direction so that in the end, it leads you in the most positive of places.”

~ Nonnie Jules

Not only founder and President of Rave Reviews Book Club, which now encompasses Rave Waves BlogTalkRadiobut Nonnie Jules is also the mother of two almost-perfect daughters and wife to her almost-perfect husband. She is a very accomplished Indie author and publisher at 4WillsPublishing. Another thing she does very well is to create very inspirational quotes and posts them as Quotes By NonnieIt is here that I found this excellent quote.

In this forum, I have interpreted the inspirational quotes from different times, cultures, and from around the world. A long time ago, I learned the lesson about not ignoring a source of wisdom in my own backyard, so, from time to time, I return to Nonnie’s quotes to find both wisdom and inspiration. Since I work closely with her on a daily basis at Rave Reviews Book Club I have come to understand how her very creative mind works. In many respects, Nonnie Jules is not only my friend, but she is also my mentor.

The passage above begins with the concept of free choice which is very important to Nonnie. Life presents us with hundreds of choices or more each day, but Nonnie is zeroing in on the rare instances where a choice made will alter the course of our lives. Before she pursues that line of reasoning, she points out that not everyone has the luxury of free choice. I know that we in the West take this kind of liberty for granted since the laws of many countries enshrine this very right. However, we know, because we live in a Global Village, that there are countries that withhold these fundamental rights from their females, and other countries that deny these rights to the entire populace. Even in our Western countries, these rights came at a dear price with many paying with their lives so we could enjoy this luxury. Hence, the emphasis Nonnie puts on the word luxury. Lest we forget!

The next sentence has a strong appeal because it is overtly positive in its essence. These words leave no room for interpretation: “… you will make the best of it, you will embrace it, you will welcome it…” When I first read this part of the passage I smiled! What immediately came to mind was Moses receiving the Ten Commandments! What is happening here, is that Nonnie Jules feels so strongly about life choices that she is exhorting the reader to make their choice and then run with it! Don’t look back, don’t hesitate and don’t second-guess yourself. It is the credo upon which Nonnie Jules operates each day. There is no room for self-doubt or reconsidering options once she has decided. No sir! She moves ahead full speed and, to quote a Naval expression, damn the torpedoes!

For me, the last part of the quote is the most telling about her positive and confident approach to living. She’s saying there that you may discover that your choice does not give you the outcome for which you had hoped. Now she strongly urges us to utilize our will and determination to make that chosen path deliver positive things to our lives. Who knows, we might end up with an even better outcome than the one originally anticipated! 

I’ve thought about this quote long and hard. Although Nonnie Jules is clearly talking about life choices made in the luxury of freedom, I believe she is really using this kind of life event to illustrate the significance of living our lives with total confidence. Yes, I said total! There are no half measures when it comes to how we should live our lives. I say this because one of my personal demons is a lack of self-confidence. My life experience has taught me to name my demon, do battle, and then vanquish it. Once upon a time I would cut and run from that particular demon, and the outcome was never pretty. I know what I can accomplish when I approach my life with total confidence – it is truly amazing!

In a post, My Journey… My Way, I wrote in two parts last week and published on two different websites, I talked about the journey I embarked upon last October when I chose to accept a position on the Rave Reviews Book Club Governing Board. Because I came to work closely with Nonnie Jules, I learned from her the value of living positively with great courage and determination. Yes, she is my mentor. If not for Nonnie Jules, the MY INSPIRATION posts would never have been written…

Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December 2013 and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (, to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

22 thoughts on “Choosing Takes Guts!”

  1. This is another good “Nonnie Jules Quote” with a powerful message. Whatever direction we must make the best of it – embrace and welcome it – or through “sheer will and determination” change the course of that direction to lead to the most “positive of places.” Yes, this is very true.

    Excellent post, John. I liked your insight and interpretation.


  2. This is a wonderful post, John. Nonnie is an exceptional woman, and you have selected a quote that stirs my soul. Most of us doubt ourselves at different moments in life, and sometimes we despair. We may forget that we have a choice, not realizing that our decision to do our best is of course a choice.

    There is much freedom in this quote, as well as assurance, and it inspires me on this quiet Sunday morning to simply take the steps I need to take….knowing that it “leads you to the most positive of places.”

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you for your insights on this great quote from Nonnie. It is interesting that I find myself having to remind myself about these things that I know and understand so well. Often, I think, it is a case where the emotions get in the way and take our brain out of gear temporarily. As you say, Nonnie’s words are inspiring because she speaks to that positivity that characterizes her. Good to see you here again, Gwen!


  3. You all are simply amazing and so very kind! Thank you all for stopping by supporting John’s inspiration, because no matter who he chooses to write about, he makes them look better than they should. I know that is what he has, and always does for me. I am truly humbled, and John F., so very grateful. Thank you for your kindness and all the wonderful things you bring and selflessly share with all the members of our awesome club!

    Thanks, again, guys!


  4. Indeed, life is full of choices, and the ones we chose define our lives. And you are right John, not all of us have the privilege of making our own choices, but when they are made for us, as Nonnie rightfully pointed out, we make the best of it. This is why, in those areas where choices are made, especially for women, those women still survive and strive. They make the best of the choices made for them.


  5. This is such a beautiful example of how we can impact and encourage one another. We don’t always know how we effect others and it’s a gift you give when you share with Nonnie what she’s meant to you. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I’m all for this one, not just because being around Nonnie is enough to energize anyone! 😀
    When it comes to life choices I’m invariably a creature of intuition – there’s always one to which I’m drawn most, and it’s rare that I’ll resist the pull, or refuse to follow my gut. But, there is no doubt, the freedom to choose is not an inalienable right – even sometimes in the Western Hemisphere. However, choices aside, I think most people can choose HOW the path before them pans out, which has very little to do with instincts and everything to do with attitude. Even if you don’t have a choice, you can choose how to DO, and it’s that which marks you as a mover and a shaker. Or, if we’re getting biblical – a shepherd or a sheep! 😉 I think it’s better to be the one picking the route, if only to find the pitfalls as well as the fabulous vistas for yourself.

    You have such impeccable taste in quotes John! I always look forward to this column 😉


    1. I agree, Jan, Nonnie Jules is a very energizing person to be around, and she is a veritable font of wisdom drawn from her life experience and common sense. Her quotes are among my favourites because she doesn’t mince words!You’re right on the mark when you boil things down to a person’s attitude. If you don’t have a strong will and lots of determination, you won’t get far no matter what your choices are. Thank you very much for your insights, Jan – I always look forward to your contributions!


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