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3. #RRBC: Bumping Heads with Nonnie…

Nonnie Jules is the founder and President of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, as well as interviewer of RRBC authors in the famed, “Who’s On The Shelf With Nonnie?” interviews. Her interviewing skills are legendary and she decided to accompany Author, John Fioravanti, through space and time to another galaxy 700 years into the future. Nonnie’s goal is to meet the key personalities on planet Genesis featured in Fioravanti’s series, The Genesis Saga, and utilize her formidable skills to find out something more about these characters. This scene is the third of many, which will follow.

Setting:  Nonnie and John are sitting in the reception area on the fourth floor of Newton Industries in Genesis City. 


John:        (Removes his hand from Nonnie’s arm and speaks quietly so the receptionist can’t hear.) “We’re okay, Nonnie – we’re on the fourth floor of Newton Industries. Joshua Newton is the owner and President of the company. I’ve only met him once, but he’s agreed to see us.”


Nonnie:       (Nonnie is agitated, but in control. She responds quietly as she checks out her surroundings) “John, why can’t we arrive and leave places like we normally would?”


John:        “This way saves a lot of time. Trust me, Nonnie…”


Receptionist: (Interrupting their conversation) “Doctor John, Mr. Newton is ready… oh, here’s Mr. Newton now!”


Joshua:       (Newton strides past the reception desk to Doctor John and smiles widely as he extends his hand. John and Nonnie both rise and the two men shake hands.) “Please introduce me to your friend.” (Newton turns up the charm as John introduces them and Joshua bows to Nonnie) “Are you a reporter covering the election?”


Nonnie:       “I am a writer – but not the kind you think. Do you have time for a few questions?”


Joshua:       (Chuckles and leads them to three chairs at the far end of the room)  “But of course! Let’s take those chairs – where our conversation will be more private.”


Nonnie:       (Takes her seat first, and the two men follow suit arranging their chairs so that they all face each other.) “Mr. Newton, I’ll cut right to the chase. I don’t know how much time I’ll get here…” (Gives John a meaningful look. Newton notices, raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t interrupt.) “I understand that candidates Hastings and Rossini will have star witnesses – war heroes to be precise – testifying on their behalf before the Congressional Selection Committee. How will you counter that?”


Joshua:       “Well, I’m not the least bit worried about those two. My witness will be Chancellor Thomas Pious – one of the most revered members of the ruling Council. Chancellor William Paine will testify for my running mate Leonard Irving. You can’t buy that kind of support!”


Nonnie:       (Addresses John) “That’s my line! Hmmm.” (Nonnie shakes off her annoyance and resumes.)  “Alright, I won’t debate that sir, but please explain why you’re not worried about Hastings and Rossini.”


Joshua:       (Grins at Nonnie and addresses John) “I like this woman – feisty, self-assured!”  (Turns up the charm another notch and addresses Nonnie) “Look, dearie,” (Nonnie looks annoyed, but Newton ignores that) “those two are totally out of touch with the citizens of Genesis. Hastings has been closeted inside the Navy her whole life, while the good Professor has been holed up in his ivory tower. I’m afraid the High Chancellor will be sorely disappointed by his choices.”


Nonnie:       “I am not your “dearie”!” (Newton is taken aback by her tone) “Now tell me why the Congress should choose you as President.”


Joshua:       “I am the President of Newton Industries – supplier of arms to the Crusader army and a faithful servant of the Church. Leonard Irving is a man of good character – beyond reproach…”


Nonnie:       (Interrupts with another question) “That may be, but I’m told that Marco Rossini designed the constitution for this new government. It seems to me that he’s better qualified to help run a government.”


Joshua:       “Rossini? He’s a joke! I’ll wager that it won’t be long before Congress wakes up to his real character. He’s a womanizer of the worst kind! Hastings will be sorry she ever met him!”


Nonnie:       “I’d like to make up my own mind about Mr. Rossini, if you don’t…”


John:        (John touches Nonnie’s arm once again.) “As you wish…”


 Join us for Nonnie’s next adventure on planet Genesis.

Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December 2013 and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (, to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

6 thoughts on “3. #RRBC: Bumping Heads with Nonnie…”

    1. Thank you, Gwen – I had a lot of fun writing them. There are 14 altogether. When I posted them originally during a blog tour, Board members assumed that Nonnie had written her parts, but she never saw them until they were posted. She had given me permission to write her parts. Glad you’re enjoying them!


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