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An Emotional Celebration

Lexi in long white dress and white veil sitting on steps in front of blue and pink hydrangeas.
Princess Lexi before the flowers.

Sunday, April 27, was a very special day for our granddaughter, Alexis Fulsom. It was the day of her First Holy Communion at St. Agnes Church in Waterloo. The excitement and the emotion moved me to write this poem to mark the moment:



Twas the Wednesday before – the first communion retreat

Nana volunteered to man the kitchen

So the students could make bread.

Four groups trooped through the kitchen

To toil over creation of their own buns

Rolling the flour – Decorating with raisins – what fun!

Dianna & Lexi sitting together before the hydrangeas.
Dianna and Lexi – Proud Mother and daughter.

Splashing around the flour

Guaranteeing a considerable cleanup job.

At lunch a whistle is sounded – a decree is made

The quietest tables eat pizza first.

Nana settles at table with Lexi – not a sound is heard

Till Nana asks a question…

Shhhhhhh! Or we don’t get our pizza!

Rehearsal in the church ended the day

All the children are prepped for Sunday!

Anne & Lexi standing in front of the flowers.
Proud Nana with Lexi.

Saturday is busy with manis, pedis, and shopping

Mommy and Lexi sure all preps are done

Lexi got her birthstone ring

Giving her heart a song to sing!

The sanctuary of St. Agnes Church
An especially beautiful setting at St. Agnes.

The big day arrives – all bright and sunny

What a day it was – two new saints canonized

And a class of grade twos to be first communicants.

Entering the church proffered a certain euphoria

Pink and blue hydrangeas, angelic little girls

Like princesses in finery all bustling about

Their hair in braids – done up nice and shiny

Like little angels all ready to party.

Little boys in fancy shirts, ties, and suits

Sitting with hands folded in prayer

An event so awesome was also a scare.

Voices of cherubs proclaimed the readings

Including Alexis – they were like seedlings

Ready to grow into flowers with God’s love.

The moment arrived to receive Jesus into their hearts

Alas, Lexi was unhappy by the wafer’s flavour

Quietly upset – this will take time.

Sister Emily standing with Anne - teacher and student.
Sister Emily with Anne – teacher and student

John and I are hosts and left early

To ensure the house is ready.

At the back of the church I was drawn to look

To a lone figure on a bench to the right

There she sat, my grade one teacher – praying for us all!

I could not check the tears of joy at seeing her there for Lexi.

Posing for a picture – I looked down and remembered

Looking upward at this lady when I was small

And dealing with the newness of school – she was my “all”

She gave me a gold bag with precious things

For Lexi to dwell upon and remember.

Cousins standing together: Nick, Lexi, Sophia
Cousins together: Nick, Lexi, Sophia

At our house the celebrating continued

But without Aunt Aggie who gifted Lexi

The traditional pearly rosary and prayer book.

Lexi was moved with family and friends able to come

Except my friend Judy – too unwell to attend

But her roses and gift made it a day to remember.

Some day Sister Anne, Judy, and I for coffee will meet

Revisiting memories we value and keep.

So a memorable occasion and a link from the past

Came together this day to make it a blast!

Lexi alone stanging before dining room table.

Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December 2013 and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (, to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

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